Our Payment Process

Step 1:
On acceptance of our estimate, client will receive an invoice for the materials required for your project.

Step 2:
Upon receipt of payment, the materials are ordered. The materials are collated and stored in our warehouse.

Step 3:
On receipt of ALL materials, the clients project is then Scheduled to commence.

Step 4:
On commencement of work carried out, clients will be Invoiced on a weekly basis and payment due within 5 days from invoice date.

Step 5:
Should we find any additional work required, we will determine the estimated cost.

  • Under $500.00 including GST we will get you to sign off the additional work from and continue with the work. This will be invoiced to you in your normal weekly invoice under the heading “additional work”.
  • Over $500.00 including GST requires a separate Estimate, which will require your approval (accepted through Xero), and payment of the materials before any further work can commence.

Step 6:
Client will receive weekly invoices (progress payments) and on completion of work, a final invoice.

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